Corporate & Other Laws

In today’s competitive economy, businesses cannot expect to survive without clear strategy to reach desired goals. We believe in identifying and addressing potential operational and financial problems; and complying with legal requirements on timely basis.

LOHIYA & ASSOCIATES supports clients as they plan and adapt to remain competitive in the fluid global economy by drawing on its resources, expertise and experience.

Sectors of Corporate & Other Laws

  • checkFormation of Companies and Incorporation of LLP
  • checkConversion of Partnership Firms to Companies
  • checkAdvisory of accounts on Amalgamation, conversion of firms to companies etc.
  • checkInterpretation of Indian Accounting standards & IFRS.

Indian corporate laws require regular and extensive compliances and record keeping. A new corporate entity requires several registrations and approvals before commencement of business.

LOHIYA & ASSOCIATES supports on-going business operations and new start-ups by offering various enumerated services. We also work closely with our colleagues in Audit, Tax and other specialists, both internal and external, to provide a comprehensive service, tailored to the needs of the clients.