The advances made in communications & technology has led to a more globalized market and companies today must embrace this rapid change. While globalization has increased opportunities for businesses, it has also exposed them to risk at every turn. The business environment today thus, requires a skill set that enables the companies to operate across cultures within India and abroad.

Owing to this, reactions to the lack of transparency in businesses have also grown significantly. This has compelled organisations to make a paradigm shift in their business structures as well as in the accuracy of the information gathered by them; moving from the Industrial Age towards a more Knowledge Age. The criticality and the relevance of information is impacted not only by its content, but also by the timeliness and efficiency with which it is used. Thus making it imperative for the audit and assurance model to keep pace with it.

Sectors of Audits

  • checkInternal Audit of Indian Companies & Foreign companies having operations in India.
  • checkStatutory Audit
  • checkStock and book debts audit
  • checkSpecial audits as required by the management.
  • checkTax Audit
  • checkGST Audit

Our high-powered team who is highly motivated professionals, with a combined experience of many years, has redefined the way our clients view audit and compliance. A more holistic approach to our model that fits the Knowledge Age compared to the traditional one-size- fits-all approach is the primary driver of our success.

We are sector-agnostic and strive to ensure consistent value addition for our clients. Besides ensuring statutory compliances and reporting on financial statements, we provide expert opinion and insights about areas such as internal controls, legal interpretations, processes and polices and risk management. This brings about a more realistic picture for clients to improve their business practices. Our audit practice has been subjected to peer review process of ICAI since inception.

Our systemic approach to reporting, and providing relevant and authentic solutions enables clients to make better decisions through up-to- date information on value drivers, business objectives and success factors. We go beyond the call of duty by converting audit and compliance services into a profit centre for clients. We achieve this through a continuous process of simplifying the complexities and providing authentic solutions to mitigate risks, which in many cases helps save money for clients.